Incoming New Zealand Government Wants Medical Pot Within 100 Days

This week’s big announcement that New Zealand will be holding a referendum by 2020 to determine if the nation will have legal cannabis for all adults has overshadowed the incoming Labour-led government’s pledge to allow cannabis as medicine in the coming weeks.

“The Labour Party committed to medicinal cannabis in the first 100 days,” said Green Party Health Spokesperson and Member of Parliament Julie Anne Genter in an interview with “As you know, I have a bill on the medicinal use of cannabis. I’m hopeful that, effectively, the government will pick up my bill and progress it.”

Although Genter says it is not yet clear what will happen to her bill, the Labour Party has, at the very least, made the commitment to legalize medical cannabis by Feb. 2, 2018.

As for the pending referendum on adult-use pot, Genter says it will essentially be a vote where the citizens of New Zealand will simply agree or disagree with the idea. “The specifics of the question will be very important and the Prime Minister has indicated there will be public consultation on the question,” said Genter.

“I believe [the government’s] other coalition partner, the New…

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