In Prison for Smoking a Joint, a Rikers Island Inmate Dies From Medical Neglect – News

Despite what Mayor Bill De Blasio has said, New York City cops are still arresting thousands of people for simple marijuana crimes and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing. Now, after what his family claims was improper medical attention by prison staff, a 25 year old man is dead after winding up in jail thanks to one singular joint.

According to the New York Post, Wayne Henderson had already spent 6 of his 7 adult years behind bars for an assault committed in 2010, but was sent back to Rikers Island after police arrested Henderson on a parole violation when they confronted the young black man smoking a joint last month. Before he could make it to his final lock-up, though, the schizophrenic Henderson was beaten by a guard at the Hart’s Island detention center, leaving him and bound to a wheelchair and to suffer from seizures.

After repeated attempts to get her son the medical help he so desperately needed, Henderson’s mother, who was in contact with a fellow inmate and friend of her son, told the Post that her son died after being refused more intensive medical treatment by prison staff. She says the other inmate, and not anyone associated with the staff of…

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