I work to protect children from marijuana. My epileptic son could benefit from it.

My son’s first grand mal seizure came completely out of the blue. He was almost 2 and had been outside playing with his siblings. When they came in for lunch, he fell. His small frame rattled against the wood kitchen floor; he started turning blue and stopped breathing.

It didn’t take long before our lives were in a constant state of panic. Medications seemed to only change the types and intensity of the seizures. A new prescription might reduce the number of seizures, yet in weeks he’d be back to over 80 a day.

Like any parents, we would have done anything to stop our child from suffering. Our miracle turned out to be the Ketogenic Diet, a high-fat treatment for seizures that few doctors at the time felt comfortable recommending.

My husband and I were excited to recently learn that Dr. Orrin Devinsky, the remarkably competent and compassionate doctor who recommended we try the Ketogenic Diet, is now testing a promising therapy for a severe form of epilepsy that uses…

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