How to Get a Medical Card in Massachusetts

Obtaining or renewing a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts has never been easier and is made even easier with the state’s online application process. The online application process is fast, easy, and the most efficient way to go about getting your medical marijuana card in Massachusetts. 

In order to apply or reapply for a medical marijuana card, you have to meet certain criteria. The criteria could include anything from filling out a form to updating your patient information, and a few other simple steps.

Registering Online for a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts

Registering online for the Medical Use of Marijuana Program is the fastest and most convenient way to register to obtain a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts. Please note that, in order to register as a patient in the Medical Use of Marijuana Online System (MMJ Online System) you must first be certified by a qualified healthcare provider. If you are unable to register online, a more lengthy paper registration process is available. Please call (833) 869-6820 to request a paper registration form. 

As a patient, you can gain access to your online account at any time by self-registering with the

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