How to Get a Medical Card in Illinois

Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Illinois?

Yes, you can get a medical marijuana card in Illinois. After the passing of the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act in 2013, patients with a prescription from a medical professional can use marijuana for medical purposes. For the first few years of Illinois’ Medical Cannabis Patient Program (MCPP) program, patients often ran into long wait times and complications in obtaining a medical card. There were even reports of patients having to call the Illinois Department of Public Health 300+ times to reach the MCPP helpline – and that was as late as 2019! As of October 2020, there are an estimated 143,000+ registered medical marijuana cardholders in the Land of Lincoln. 

Can You Possess Medical Marijuana in Illinois?

Card carrying patients in Illinois are able to possess medical marijuana for personal use, as well as grow up to five mature plants at their home. 

What is Required to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient?

To qualify for a patient registry ID card in the state of Illinois, there are a few standards patients are required to meet:

  • Must be an Illinois state resident at the time of applying and throughout…

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