Health Canada Data Show Dramatic Increase of Medical Cannabis Patients

Health Canada has just released its latest figures for medical marijuana usage in the Great White North, with data as recent as September 2017 showing an ever-increasing number of Canadians are turning to the healing properties of cannabis.

The overall number of patients registered to access cannabis in April was 174,503 and by the end of September, that number had climbed by 35 percent to 235,621.

Breaking those figured down by province, Alberta and Ontario both saw incredible gains for cannabis patients respectively. In Alberta, 60,479 people were registered as of April 2017, and by September, the number of patients had increased by over 30,000 to 91,150.

In Canada’s most populated province of Ontario, the patient base in April was hovering at 77,692 and by September, almost 19,000 more people were added for a total of 96,390 cannabis patients.

Canadians are seemingly ingesting similar amounts of both dried cannabis and marijuana oil as well.

Dried flower sales are generally hovering around 2,000 kg per month across the country with 1,921 kg sold in April and 1,984 sold in September. For cannabis oil, the numbers are similar with 1,918 kg sold in April and 2,578 kg…

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