Head Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Overview

The Scoop: What do you get when you combine the incredible 707 Headband scent with the pungent stank of UK Cheese? Head Cheese, of course. A magnificent boutique strain, Head Cheese has all the distinctive qualities of a true hybrid. Cultivated by the state-sanctioned growers at Nevada Group Wellness and sold by NuWu Marketplace in Las Vegas, the strain’s test results indicate this high-THC beauty should be on every connoisseurs’ shopping list.

The Result: Significantly more satisfying than its homonym-heavy, meat jelly counterpart, Head Cheese makes you feel like you just took a dip in a hot Jacuzzi; calming the muscles and relaxing the body. A euphoric head trip, the Head Cheese high offers consumers an alternative means of relief for joint inflammation, migraine headaches and the occasional loss of appetite.

The Verdict: A hot commodity in the 420-world, Head Cheese provides an incredible bag appeal combined with a scrumptious taste, delightful effects and a mouthwatering aroma. A great strain for the artistically inclined, Head Cheese inspires a stimulated psyche and allows for animated visions of creativity.

Strain Characteristics

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Type: (60/40 Sativa-dominant)

Also Known As: N/A

Genetics: 707 Headband x UK Cheese

Origin: Grown in Nevada

How Stoned Will You Get: 8

Average THC: 26.5%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Awards: N/A

Strain Profile

The Science: Scrutinized and investigated for its potency profile, test results indicate this batch of Head Cheese had a total THC content of 26.5 percent and a CBD count of zero. Decidedly more inspirational than medicinal, the lab results indicate Head Cheese had no detectable CBD, CBG or CBN cannabinoids. And according to the state-mandated tests, the Head Cheese bud also contains a respectable terpene content. An intricate player in the strain’s overall aroma and flavor profile, the 2017 lab results indicate Head Cheese was highest in the following terpenes: Linalool – 2.57 mg/g, Limonene – 2.4 mg/g, and Nerolidol – 1.9 mg/g.

Appearance: Head Cheese is comprised of chunky green buds that are typically broken down into smaller nuggets for your shopping pleasure. These emerald green flowers have bright orange pistils that aimlessly intertwine around the strain’s calyxes like an aggressive ivy overtaking a house. Conical shaped before being dissected, the bud provides several visual hints to its genetic lineage. Camouflaged by the sticky icky (read: trichomes), Head Cheese appears as though it was dipped in some pure THC crystals. Presenting herself like the “Head Cheese” she is, this strain is as mesmerizing to look at as she is to smoke.

Consistency: Head Cheese has both sticky and kiefy components to it. That said, this strain can be easily broken apart by hand but it will definitely leave trace amounts of trichome encrusted kief on your unprotected digits. Less adhesive then some Indica-dominant hybrids, the stickiness of this herb is more comparable to scotch tape than super glue.

Scent: Head Cheese is known for its delicious bouquet. Her cheesy scent tingles the nostrils immediately with its pungent musk. More citrus-centric than some might expect, the rich scent of lemon and citrus – crossed with a woody aroma – accentuates the cheesed-out aroma. Without a doubt, this strain will leave you smelling your stash all day.

Taste: Head Cheese tastes like a slice of Gouda crossed with a heady mixture of fruit and spices. The sweet and savory flavors hit the tongue and immediately cleans the palate. A tasty and smokable conglomeration of fruity-citrus and unique spices, Head Cheese makes the mouth water just thinking about it. Perpetually cheesy and incredibly unique, the initial inhale of this peaceful herb is all cheese, while the exhale is leaves your mouth in a grove of musky citrus trees.

Effect: Head Cheese has very relaxing effects and is great for winding down a long work day. The Indica effects immediately kick in relaxing the muscles and killing pain. This head high is soaring and will last for a solid two hours.

Strain Background: While the specific origin/breeder of Head Cheese has seemingly been lost to the ravages of time, this strain remains popular at coffee shops/dispensaries throughout Amsterdam and the United States. Regardless of its specific origin, Head Cheese has cultivated a noteworthy following among American “cheeseheads.”

Medical Uses: Head Cheese is a captivating, mind-altering juggernaut: not only can it numb deep-rooted aches and pains, her anti-inflammatory properties are known to mitigate daily struggles with a host of debilitating ailments – including headaches and nausea.

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