Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Endorses California’s Legal Cannabis Sales – News

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The NBA’s most recognizable head coach is talking about cannabis again. Two days after welcoming MVP guard Steph Curry back to the champion Golden State Warriors after an ankle sprain-induced eleven-game absence, and one day after the actual Golden State debuted adult-use cannabis sales, coach Steve Kerr gave his blessing to California’s progressive green rush, while simultaneously pleading for more leniency towards the plant in the NBA.

Kerr — a sharpshooting guard who had his own on-court injuries playing alongside Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls in the mid 90’s — has spoken out in favor of medical marijuana before, telling a Bay Area sports podcast in 2016 that he tried using cannabis as a replacement for opiate painkillers after a back surgery left him bedridden for months at a time. While Kerr said that his experimentation with weed was not successful for him personally, he has since openly advocated for medical marijuana access in professional sports.

“I tried it a few times, and it did not agree with me at all. So I’m not the expert on this stuff,” Kerr told CSN podcast host Monte Poole. “But I do know this: If…

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