From Patient to Producer: The Story of Danny Sloat

As countries all over the world recognize the medicinal benefits of marijuana, a sea of anecdotal and scientific evidence is presenting itself to reinforce what cannabis-lovers have known for a long time — the plant treats and heals. It is also a very effective way to decrease the number of opiates that have been overprescribed for decades.

Many of these stories are similar, in that they begin with a patient who has tried everything in the pharmaceutical realm to treat their illness. But with little progress made or a mountain of unpleasant side-effects, they turned to cannabis to fill the void.

One such success story is that of Danny Sloat, who had serious issues with chronic pain before he discovered cannabis. Danny gained a significant amount of weight as a side effect of the 19 different medications he was taking and it looked like there was no relief in sight. Then, Danny’s father urged him to try cannabis and his whole world changed, he said.

What came next was the creation of a company called AlpinStash, which to this day prides itself on making clean, quality cannabis products that are helping heal others. sat down with Danny to discuss his…

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