Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Face up to Three Month Delay for State-Issued ID Cards – News

After Florida lawmakers finally came to an agreement on the voter-approved medical cannabis expansion earlier this year, patients in the Sunshine State started lining up en masse to gain access to legal medicinal pot. In fact, the number of medical marijuana applicants has doubled since the state expanded its list of qualifying conditions.

With all the sudden influx of interest, Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use has been completely overwhelmed, leaving many applicants waiting up to three months to obtain the state-issued cards that are required to legally purchase cannabis. According to the state’s medical marijuana department, it should only take 30 days to receive the card once the application has been submitted.

While some have been fortunate enough to receive their ID cards in a timely manner, many patients claim that they’ve been waiting two or three months. One patient, Adam McWilliams, told local newspaper the Sun-Sentinel that he mailed his $75 payment on July 19, and although he received confirmation that his ID card was sent on September 18, he has yet to receive it.    

The state’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use has openly acknowledged…

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