Connecticut Panel of Doctors Vote to Add MMJ Qualifying Conditions

After implementing major changes to their medical marijuana program last year, the state of Connecticut healthcare system is evolving for the better once again.

On Friday, the panel of Connecticut doctors tasked with deciding which medical conditions qualify a patient for a medical marijuana recommendation voted to modify two entries. The panel included “intractable headache syndrome” and “neuropathic facial pain” on the list of seven proposed conditions that, if approved by the legislature, would qualify a diagnosed patient to enroll in the state’s medical marijuana program.

The commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection, who oversees the panel of doctors, approved the new suggested qualifying conditions.

Intractable headache syndrome and neuropathic facial pain are broad terms that refer to a number of different painful head conditions that cannot be “controlled by any medicine or procedure.” The new qualifying conditions would replace the existing entries, migraines and trigeminal neuralgia. The panel used this terminology in hopes of opening the program up to patients who may be suffering from a condition that causes them tremendous pain…

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