Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensaries may get extended hours

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs may be allowed to stay open later to help patients access their medicine.

Dispensaries in town remain open until 7 p.m., but the City Council on Monday briefly discussed extending that closing time to 9 p.m. No council members spoke against the proposal.

Colorado allows medical marijuana dispensaries to stay open until midnight, said City Clerk Sarah Johnson. The state’s laws, alongside the later working hours afforded to pharmacies in town, set a precedent for the extended hours. She said the idea was suggested by medical dispensary owner, Renze Waddington, who sits on the city’s Marijuana Working Group.

Waddington owns two medical marijuana dispensaries in town and is preparing to open a third. Every day, Waddington said his two locations serve about 300 customers, a fifth of which make up a consistent last-minute rush. Many customers have a difficult time making it to the businesses before closing time.

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