Cannabis Connecting the Troubled in Northern Ireland

Belfast, once considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, recently hosted the first Northern Irish Medical Cannabis Summit. Organised by the United Patients Alliance, the event featured a wide array of speakers. More importantly, people from previously divided communities attended. Clark French reported on it for CNN and Sensi Seeds.

The 1998 Good Friday agreement ended the terrible period known as the Troubles, during which opposing forces clashed violently over whether or not the north of Ireland, known as Northern Ireland but actually a separate country, should remain a part of the United Kingdom or re-join the Republic of Ireland. Although the violence is for the most part over, the wounds it caused still run very deep – and the uncertainty over what Brexit means for the border between the two countries threatens to re-open them.

One of the most dangerous cities in the world

Even against this backdrop, the city of Belfast stands out. Of the more than 3,600 deaths from violence between 1969 and 2001, 1,600 were in Northern Ireland’s capital. During the 1970s and 80s, it was considered one of the most dangerous…

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