American Legion Passes Resolution Urging U.S. Government to Give Vets Access to Medical Marijuana – News

The largest veterans group in the United States wants the suits on Capitol Hill to provide wounded soldiers with access to medical marijuana.

According to a report from Stars & Stripes, the American Legion, which represents more than 2 million vets, passed a resolution earlier this week pressuring the federal government to give doctors employed with the Department of Veterans Affairs the ability to discuss and recommend medical marijuana in states where it is legal.

“More than half the states in the union have passed medical marijuana laws to date,” the resolution reads. “The American Legion urge the United States government to permit VA medical providers to be able to discuss with veterans the use of marijuana for medical purposes and recommend it in those states where medical marijuana laws exist.”

The motion came to pass during the organization’s national convention in Reno, Nevada. The objective is to let the nation’s leaders know just how important this issue is for the thousands of veterans who could be using medical marijuana as an alternative to dangerous prescription drugs.

“Our state congressmen, when the American Legion says something, they…

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