A Priest And A Rabbi United For A Just Cause

There are louder voices in the world in favor of cannabis regulation. Now 2 religious leaders have joined the cause, a rabbi and a priest from Connecticut, who in a letter request the comprehensive regulation of the plant and the reform of the national drug policy. Cannabis finds a way into the North American religious agenda. Keep reading!

Despite the great progress made in the regulation of cannabis in many countries, much remains to be done globally. The cause of cannabis regulation has not only raised the voices of activists and cannabis fans, but also increasingly that of other sectors that favor the regulation of cannabis in some way: politicians of varied affiliations, police forces, businessmen, members of the scientific and medical community, etc. And now, in the United States, two men of faith have joined this just cause. A rabbi and a priest from Connecticut have written and published a letter in the media expressing their support for the comprehensive regulation of the plant and the reformation of the country’s…

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