20 Missouri Weed Questions Answered

In Missouri, the first licensed sales of cannabis occurred on February 3, 2023, and it’s now officially considered a legal cannabis state.

With these new laws set in motion, many Missourians are probably wondering what that means. How much weed are you actually allowed to purchase? How much will it cost? What about the best things to do and see while you experience your first hit of legal weed?

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Below, we answer all these questions and more for the novices, cannasseurs, and everyone in between. Keep scrolling or skip ahead to the section that most interests you:

Practical questions

Stoner curiosities

All things strains

Fun questions

Practical questions

Yes, weed is now legal in Missouri. With recreational sales having kicked off in February 2023, adults 21 and older can possess up to three ounces of dried cannabis at one time, while patients and their caregivers may possess eight ounces, which is considered a 60-day supply. 

If a patient grows their own cannabis, they may possess up to 12 ounces, which is considered a 90-day supply. 

Right now, all cannabis…

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