Massachusetts Cannabis Regulators Eye July 1st Sales Start, but Further Delays Still Looming – News


As the Commission’s plans stand currently, the state will begin accepting cannabusiness applications in June, with the assumption that businesses will be able to get up and running within a month to begin serving residents and tourists before the Fourth of July weekend.

“April 1 is the first day we can start reviewing applications. June 1 is the first day we can start accepting applications.

With only a one-month window between licensing and an expected sales start, it would appear that Massachusetts’ already-established medical cannabusinesses will have a first crack at the adult-use industry.

Because giving cannabis as a gift is legal, Massachusetts businesses have sprung up selling basic goods for an exorbitant price, but accompanied with a “free” gift of weed. So instead of buying an eighth for $50, Bostonians can order a $50 fresh pressed juice, that just so happens to come with an “extra” herbal gift weighing in at 3.5 grams.

Back in Massachusetts, cannabis officials are trying their hardest to reach their July 1st goal not only to implement the will of their constituents, but also to disincentivize those gift economy and black market purveyors. However they’ll first need to actually finalize rules and regulations for legal sales.

Starting today, Massachusetts regulators will host the first of 10 public hearings across the state, giving local residents a chance to discuss and debate the state’s proposed regulations before they are sent to a legislative vote. A schedule of those public hearings can be found here.

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