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Marijuana Reformers Rejoicing After Several Nov. 6 Victories

Cannabis advocacy groups and industry supporters weighed in on the new legal and political terrain created by the election Nov. 6, 2018. Most are calling the results a major victory now that Michigan became the tenth state to legalize recreational …

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Gubernatorial Victories Bode Well for 2019 Statewide Marijuana Reform Prospects

NORML | November 7, 2018 Voters on election day decided in favor of several gubernatorial candidates who campaigned on promises to either address or enact statewide marijuana law reforms as Governor.“In four states — Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois — voters …

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2018 is a Good Year for Pro-Marijuana Gubernatorial Hopefuls

As polls continue to show that a growing majority of voters support legalizing marijuana, more and more politicians are beginning to embrace the issue, and the Nov. 6, 2018 elections provide the latest datapoint in the ongoing evolution of cannabis …

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