Zimbabwe Considers Legalizing Cannabis Production to Lure International Investors – News

While the cannabis legalization movement has certainly strengthened its grip around North America over the last few years, the green wave is proving to be more of a global phenomenon than anything else. In Africa, countries such as South Africa and Ghana have pushed for decriminalization of the plant. Now, Zimbabwe is looking to jumpstart their economy by allowing marijuana cultivation on their mountainous lands.

The local government is considering legalizing the cultivation of cannabis (known in the region as “mbanje”) to entice investors and international growers into stimulating the local economy. Zimbabwe is currently setting up various Special Economic Zones (SEZs) across the country, and these select zones will include exemption of labor law provisions and black economic empowerment rules, ultimately offering business incentives to international investors.

According to Investment Promotion Minister Obert Mpofu, one undisclosed medical cannabis company from Canada has already applied for a permit to grow marijuana. If approved, both the production and use of pot would be legal in select areas. Although the government’s reasons to permit cultivation seems…

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