Wisconsin Senator Opposed to In-State CDB Oil Production Revealed as Canna-Business Investor – News

Earlier this year, Wisconsin lawmakers unanimously voted to expand the state’s highly restrictive medical cannabis program, improving access for families with children in need. While the bill gained support from the entire Legislature, one Wisconsin senator seems to have had more skin in the game than the average politician.

According to newly revealed public disclosures, Republican Sen. Frank Lasse casted his medical marijuana vote as an investor in Canopy Growth Corp., a major Canadian cannabis company that has an extensive production operation and multiple brands. The reviewed documents show that Lasse purchased $5,000 to $50,000 worth of stock in the company back in 2016.

Although the Wisconsin lawmaker is financially invested in the bustling cannabis industry, he’s been much less forthright when it comes to expressing public support for the plant. Billed as a business-friendly fiscal conservative, Lassee has kept his views on marijuana legalization private. As expected, the news of his investment has stirred Democratic lawmakers like Sen. Jon Erpenbach, who recently introduced a bill to fully legalization recreational cannabis.    

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