Wisconsin Governor Accepts Pro-Weed Donations, Yet Pushes for Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients – News

Wisconsin’s Republican Governor, Scott Walker, has come under fire recently for his hypocritical actions with regard to cannabis regulations and legalization. The midwest head of state is catching flack for publicly accepting tens of thousands of dollars in political donations from a pro-legalization, cannabis industry organization, all while simultaneously pushing for draconian regulations that tie state benefits like welfare and medicaid to the results of a mandatory drug test.

According to the non-profit communications network One Wisconsin Now, Walker’s policy represents exactly the kind of political hypocrisy that has kept cannabis illegal for so many decades. By taking the money but still attempting to unfairly persecute cannabis users by taking away their benefits, Walker is proving that partisan politics are more important than the well being of his constituents.

“The hypocrisy of Scott Walker has reached an all-time high,” One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said. ”While trying to criminalize people receiving help with healthcare or food for his political benefit, Scott Walker is hustling campaign cash from a group promoting legalizing drugs,…

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