What’s the difference between cannabis, marijuana & hemp?

Discover the differences between cannabis, marijuana, and hemp – both the botanical and folk taxonomical – in this beginner’s guide to the wonderful world of names for our favourite plant!

What is the difference between cannabis, marijuana and hemp? This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions heard in our shops, the Cannabis College, and the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. Just as with all the other questions that have arisen basically because of prohibition, people who don’t know the answers should never be afraid to ask, and people who know the answers should always be graceful about answering. Unfortunately, and again thanks to prohibition, there is also the confusing middle ground where people who think they know the answers are communicating with people who aren’t even quite sure what they’re asking.

A rummage through the dumping ground of random information, misinformation and disinformation that is Yahoo Answers (a guilty pleasure, especially if you have been consuming sativas) demonstrates…

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