What You Need To Know About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

What You Need To Know About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

Nearly sixty percent of the North American population lives in an area where marijuana is legal to some degree, with a third of those enjoying legal recreational use. The dispensary industry in North America has sprung up practically overnight, creating jobs, opportunities and revenue streams for those in the know.

But it’s not an easy road. Anyone who is in the cannabis industry, on the retail side particularly, will tell what you need to know about opening a cannabis dispensary and running a business of this nature is filled with hurdles and lots of learning curves.  This market is heavily, but unevenly, regulated, and fly- by-night operations are not tolerated. How do you join the revolution while staying on the right side of the law?

A new ebook titled How to Open a Cannabis Dispensary will explain just that.  This thorough but efficient ebook goes over everything from legal issues to social considerations to common mistakes of opening a dispensary.  Additionally, it gives key resources that includes links to key data, organizations and standards by state to help you round out your knowledge and be…

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