What is the difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds?

Wondering how to tell the difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds? Trying to work out which ones are easiest? Confused as to why Sensi Seeds doesn’t use ‘Indoor’ and ‘Outdoor’ as categories? This article answers all these questions and more!

For the novice, one of the more confusing aspects of buying cannabis seeds is the wealth of new terminology to get used to. Indica, sativa, hybrid; outdoor, greenhouse, indoor… it’s easy to see why people can get discouraged. Yet another problem caused by prohibition is that it can be hard to ask questions. Maybe there’s no-one to ask; maybe you don’t want to admit that you don’t know whether ‘indo’ is short for ‘indica’ or ‘indoor’. Fear not, this article will answer questions about the difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds!

“What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds?”

“Can I plant indoor cannabis seeds outdoors?” and “Can I plant outdoor cannabis seeds indoors?” are frequently asked…

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