Washington Governor and Attorney General Call Sessions Letter “Outdated” and “Incorrect” – News

In an attempt to put the Justice Department in its place, Washington state officials have fired off a response to a letter that U.S. Attorney General Sessions sent them weeks ago, which cited concerns for their inability to properly run a legal marijuana market.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee and state Attorney General Bob Ferguson wrote to Sessions, earlier this week, saying his gripes over the state’s marijuana laws “are outdated, incorrect, or based on incomplete information,” according to a report from SeattlePI.

“Your letter repeatedly fails to distinguish between marijuana activity that is legal and illegal under state law,” Inslee and Ferguson wrote. “Instead, it conflates the two in a manner that implies that state-legal marijuana activity is responsible for harms actually caused by illegal marijuana activity.”

Ever since Sessions took over as head of the Justice Department, he has been taking baby steps toward inciting a raucous war between the federal government and the legal marijuana movement.

In his latest action, the attorney general sent letters to Colorado, Oregon and Washington, which suggested that none of them were adhering the…

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