Virginia lawmakers unanimously approve medical marijuana bill

(via Wikimedia Commons)

Virginia is set to allow anyone in need to use cannabis for medical purposes.

The Virginia state Senate on Monday passed Joint Commission on Health Care bill SB 726 with a 40-0 vote, reports the News Leader.

The newly approved bill allows doctors to prescribe oils rich in CBD or THCa for any “diagnosed condition or disease.” Previous legislation only allowed medical access for “intractable epilepsy.”

A companion bill was also passed unanimously in the Virginia House of Delegates last week. SB 726 will now head to the desk of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D), who promised to legalize medical use and decriminalize recreational possession of marijuana during his campaign.

“I finally decided that I needed to advocate for the physicians being the decision makers,” said state Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant, a doctor who sponsored the Senate version. “We physicians are the ones that follow the literature and know which treatments are best for different conditions. The literature on medical cannabis is going to be evolving rapidly now, and because of this, it is not a decision that should be in the hands…

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