Vermont Legislators Confident Governor Will Sign Revised Legalization Bill This Week – News

Vermont Governor Phil Scott made waves last month when he vetoed a recreational cannabis bill that would have made history as the first statewide legalization law implemented by legislators instead of a popular vote. Alas, the Republican Governor balked at the opportunity, and sent the legislation back to lawmakers. Now, following a series of meetings and compromises, it appears that Scott will have a second chance at history this week when a newly amended version of the bill lands on his desk by Wednesday.

According to the Vermont Press Bureau, Democratic Senator Dick Sears and Representative Maxine Grad are confident that the legislation altercations will be enough to pass recreational legalization into law.

“I don’t think that we’re so far apart that we can’t reach some kind of agreement,” Sears said about the compromises made with Governor Scott. “He seems to have accepted the general direction that we’re going in.”

Scott’s main concerns with the previous bill were a lack of specific details pertaining to punishments for people who give or sell cannabis to minors, those consuming cannabis while operating a motor vehicle or driving under the…

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