Vermont Lawmakers Propose Replacement Recreational Cannabis Bill to Governor Scott – News

Last month, Vermont lawmakers were just a single step away from legalizing recreational cannabis use, sending a House-approved measure onto the desk of Republican Governor Phil Scott. Unfortunately, at the last moment, the governor decided to veto the bill, but stated that he would send the legislation back with suggestions that would help attain his approval.   

Since then, state representatives have been reworking Senate Bill 22, and are now awaiting the feedback from Gov. Scott. On Thursday, Democratic Sen. Dick Sears and House Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Maxine Grad sent a replacement cannabis measure to the governor’s office, but have yet to hear back about the proposed compromise. 

Just like S.22, the newly crafted legislation would legalize the possession of cannabis (up to one ounce) and the cultivation of up to two mature and four immature marijuana plants per person by July 1, 2018. It would also place a commission in charge of creating regulations for an eventual retail marijuana market. 

Although he has expressed support for legalization, Gov. Scott was unsatisfied with a few aspects of the measure that he ended up vetoing. For instance, the…

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