UK Patients Won’t Benefit From GW Pharma’s Expansion

UK medical cannabis company GW Pharmaceuticals is planning a massive expansion in Britain. This growth is necessary to meet the anticipated demand for a new epilepsy treatment, after promising results in clinical trials.

The company plans to hire 70 new staff members and invest approximately £50m in capital funding over the next three years.

“We’re proud to be a UK company,” said Adam George, UK Managing Director of GW Pharmaceuticals. “We do all our manufacturing in the UK and we are scaling up, ready to commercialize [the new product] next year.”

Although GW Pharmaceuticals is based in Britain and makes 100 tonnes of cannabis-based medicine annually for patients in need, not one milligram of their medicine is intended for use in the UK, where medical marijuana is not permitted.

“I don’t hold GW entirely responsible for this situation,” said Jonathan Liebling, Political Director of the United Patients Alliance in an interview with “Resulting from the ongoing legal status, they have had to spend a great deal of time and effort to get around and through the law and existing regulations regarding medicines in the UK. It took them…

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