UK Liberal Dems Continue Pot Support Under New Leadership

After losing a federal election, most political parties would reevaluate their platforms and determine if what they stand for is in line with the population they represent.

Oftentimes these parties will tweak their values in the hopes that it will gain more votes, but the Liberal Democrats have chosen to stick to what they feel is the right thing to do.

Under new leadership, the political party that vowed to legalize marijuana if elected has chosen to continue the fight for cannabis reform.

This week, new Lib Dems leader Sir Vince Cable reiterated the party’s ongoing commitment to cannabis, and added that there are “serious and negative side effects from driving it underground.”

Cable said the “evidence is clear that if you want to stop abuse and damage to young people, you’ve got to bring the trade out in the open and out of the hands of the criminal underworld.”

The Home Office in the U.K. — the branch of government responsible for security, law enforcement, and immigration — still views drug policy through a prohibitionist-era lens. Their experts have claimed that marijuana is a significant public health issue that can cause unquestionable harm.

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