Three British MPs Join Medical Cannabis Protest Outside of U.K. Parliament – News

On Tuesday, the grassy lawn outside of the U.K. Parliament was engulfed with cannabis advocates, patients, and even a few British lawmakers, all of whom were gathered to protest against the ongoing criminalization of medical marijuana use. The demonstration was attended by three Members of Parliament, who sat at a table with dozen of patients equipped with pot-infused cakes and scones.

The aim of the cannabis tea party’s gathering aimed to raise awareness for a proposed motion that would legalize medical cannabis in the U.K. Among the MPs at the event was Paul Flynn of the Labor Party, the lawmaker responsible for the recent proposal. Although he refused to toke up during the event due to a speech that he had later in the day, Flynn was in open support of using cannabis on the front door of London’s parliament building.

Earlier this year, the seasoned MP called on illegal pot users to break the law if they were consuming for health reasons. The measure that Flynn is bringing to the table would allow the production, supply, possession, and use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Unfortunately, without enough support in the parliament, the legislation is unlikely to…

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