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As we approach the end of the shortest (and coldest) month of the year, here are four things you might have missed while you were bundled up drinking cocoa by the fire.

Billy Williams Summit

On February 2nd, United States Attorney Billy Williams, the chief prosecutor in Oregon for the United States Department of Justice, held a one day “summit” of law enforcement and other “stakeholders” from across the state and the country to discuss what he believes are some flaws in Oregon’s regulated marijuana market that may be contributing to black-market diversion of marijuana from Oregon. Present at the summit were a host of conservative law enforcement and other anti-cannabis types as well as several pro-cannabis groups, including Chair of the Oregon State Bar Cannabis Law Section. Sadly, only one pro-cannabis group was invited to speak. Needless to say, the meeting was skewed towards the interests of the Jeff Sessions-led Department of Justice and heavily laden with reefer madness rhetoric and inaccurate information….

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