The Cheap Charms, Altered and Otherwise, of Portland, Ore.

The trick was figuring out where to get high.

Even in Portland, Ore., where marijuana was legalized for nonmedical cultivation and use in 2015, it’s still illegal to just light up on the street, as well as in most hotels. So, as a traveler in search of a good high (for reasons purely related to research for this column, of course), I had a bit of work to do to craft my perfect Northwest cannabis-tourism getaway. Once I did, though, I found the east side of the Rose City the ideal place to spend an inexpensive vacation — full of great food, shopping, comedy and, naturally, some of the best kush the country has to offer.

I’ve been fairly indifferent to pot most of my life, and smoked only a handful of times in high school and college. Having had a couple of experiences with some truly lousy weed, though, I will agree with the consensus: A regulated industry produces a cleaner, more consistent and relatively safer product than what you would get on the street. Marijuana is also taxed heavily in Oregon (20 percent in Portland), generating an enormous amount of money for the state (40 percent of which is earmarked for education).

But if you’re from out of town, how do you go…

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