Teen Cannabis Use Rates Have Dropped to a 20-Year Low, National Survey Indicates – News

With zero marijuana overdose deaths in the history of man, new research uncovering the plant’s medical benefits and millions in tax dollars flooding into legal weed states, staunch prohibitionists are running out of excuses to support their anti-cannabis stance. Now, thanks to new numbers from a widely accepted national survey, one more fear-mongering anti-weed talking point has finally been laid to rest. 

According to the Washington Post, a new study from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that teenage marijuana use across the country is down to its lowest rate since 1996. The study found that only 6.5% of American teens are toking on a monthly basis, compared to a high of almost 10% in the late ‘90s.

This drop isn’t new, of course, and since Colorado first started selling recreational weed in 2014, almost every study, on a national or local level, has shown similar downward trends. Still, that hasn’t stopped cannabis detractors from citing youth use as a reason to end legalization and crack down in places like Colorado and Washington.

On the other side of adulthood, the same survey found that grown-ups across all age ranges are using…

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