Small Farmers’ Success in California’s Legal Cannabis Market Will Depend Upon Educated Consumers – News

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In Santa Rosa, Ca. this past weekend, dozens of Northern California cannabis cultivators gathered at the Emerald Cup to show off their outdoor-grown crop and alongside a cornucopia of cannabis-derived products. The farmers’ enthusiasm and the diversity of their selection spoke volumes about just how far the cannabis industry has come whilst operating in legal grey area for more than two decades since California legalized medical marijuana through Prop 215 in 1996.  

However, in the wake of the Northern California wildfires and just weeks before the official launch of the state’s newly regulated adult-use and medical cannabis market, it was hard not to wonder — with the maelstrom of politics, economics, and even nature working against them, how many of these cultivators will actually succeed in the legal market?

So MERRY JANE hit the festival grounds and asked them (along with a few experts) about their survival plans for legalization.

According to E.D. Lerman, an attorney with Emerald Forest Consulting, proper marketing is a vital tool in helping cultivators distinguish themselves and stay competitive in the marketplace. “For the grower…

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