Sacramento Taps SWAT Team to Tackle Illegal Pot Grows in California’s Capital – News

Slowly but surely, California’s recreational and revised medical marijuana regulations will become state law. Pot shops will begin selling weed to anyone over 21 with a valid ID, and the state’s cultivators will suddenly become members of a hugely booming, fully legal industry. But while the Golden State is expected to become the world’s largest legal weed market almost overnight, there are still plenty of black market growers and sellers who aren’t ready to come out of the shadows. In Sacramento, where legislators have spent months debating legal weed’s impending regulations, city officials are preparing to knock down doors and chop down plants of the growers still trying to skirt Prop. 64.

According to the Sacramento Bee, City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby, Assistant City Manager Arturo Sanchez and the Sacramento Police Department are spearheading the program to stop black market cannabis cultivators after a number of cannabis-related crimes became big news in California’s capital city.

In calling for an “urgent plan of action” to curtail the crime, Councilwoman Ashby cited an instance earlier this year in which two people were killed outside of a…

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