Roger Stone Pens Op-Ed to Defend His Place in the Fight for Marijuana Legalization – News

Although some members of the cannabis community do not believe it is appropriate to allow political strategist Roger Stone, a man they claim is “racist,” “misogynistic,” and simply in poor taste, to become part of the movement to legalize marijuana in the United States, no number of rebukes has prevented the “dirty trickster” from doing everything in his power to show that his position as an activist is stronger than ever.

On Thursday, High Times published an op-ed written by Stone, in which he attempts to defend himself against an article ran earlier this year by the same legendary magazine, suggesting that he was nothing more than an “attention whore” with no legitimate interest in the reform of the nation’s cannabis laws.

The previous article, entitled “The Lesson of Roger Stone: The Weed World Was Hustled, Don’t Let It Happen Again,” was penned by freelancer Chris Roberts and labeled Stone a racially insensitive opportunist who is now leaning on the popularity of marijuana in order to stay relevant.

“Roger Stone doesn’t care about legalization, any further than he cares about how he can use legalization to make himself relevant,”…

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