Roger Stone and John Morgan Pressure Trump To Legalize Marijuana – News

The push to legalize marijuana at the federal level, or at least get the Department of Justice to maintain the Status Quo, may finally have the support it needs to be taken seriously.

It seems that master political strategist Roger Stone, who has deep roots in the Trump administration, and Orlando attorney John Morgan, the man who bankrolled the bulk of the campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Florida (a rumored gubernatorial candidate), have officially launched a bi-partisan group called the United States Cannabis Coalition, which they will use to persuade the federal government to reverse federal cannabis prohibition.

In a recent press release, the two, high-profile cannabis advocates said the primary goal of the new coalition, which consists of Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, is to ensure that President Trump respects the marijuana laws passed in over half the nation. The group will also pressure Trump to remove the cannabis plant from its Schedule 1 classification under the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act.

Stone, who has had the power to bend Trump’s ear for the past four decades, says he is confident the group can convince the…

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