Republican Voter Turnout Strategy Could Sabotage Marijuana Legalization Efforts in 2018 – News

President Donald Trump’s administration is apparently hashing out a scheme to put conservative initiatives on the ballot in the 2018 midterm election in order to maintain Republican control. It is a ploy that could ultimately end up sabotaging liberal agendas in states pushing to legalize marijuana, some reports say.

Former White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove used this type of strategy during his days with President George W. Bush, when he headed up efforts to put a barrage of anti-gay marriage amendments on the ballot in key states to drive voter turn out for the GOP.

Although Rove has maintained the “deny until you die” mantra about his methods, political analysts largely credit this move for Bush’s reelection.

But this time around Trump’s gang of advisors is looking to saturate Red States where Democratic Congressmen are up for reelection with ballot measures related to tax reform and other economic issues. The idea is to pull more GOP supporters out of the woodwork, thereby maintaining Republican-control on Capitol Hill and perhaps even paving an easier path for Trump to survive his campaign for reelection.

To accomplish this, Republican leaders are…

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