Readers respond to Denver Post series on driving high (4 letters)

Re: “Legalization’s legacy,” Denver Post news series.

Thank you, Denver Post, for exposing the ill effects of legalizing marijuana. They confirm and bring to fruition the concerns of we who opposed legalization. The third article (“Efforts to curtail marijuana-impaired driving collide with evolving attitudes, medicinal use”, Aug. 25) is the most condemning. It was bad enough for drivers to fear drunken drivers on the road; we now have added risk as citizens of being killed by drivers under the cloud of stupor from marijuana.

Medically, we have also learned of the slow development of the brain by marijuana usage from young age on. We are also seeing more exposure of pot to minors by usage from parents. Also, the legalization has infested the state with undesirable transients who are not an asset.

The state will live to regret this stupid action by people who don’t have the best interest of our society in mind.

Peter Bruno, Arvada

Re: “Traffic fatalities linked to marijuana are up…

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