Pot Propagandists ‘Smart Approaches to Marijuana’ are Trying to Spin Legalization as Anti-Black – News

It’s been less than a week since we highlighted the misleading propaganda spread by Kevin Sabet and the nonprofit he heads, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, about Seattle’s Hempfest celebration, and while the Washington festival went off without a hitch, Sabet and his crew have been quick to pick up a new anti-pot cause, and this time it’s just downright insulting.


According to NJ.com, SAM’s new target is Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act, the federal legislation that, if passed, would end marijuana prohibition once and for all and focus on mending the immense injustices caused by decades of racist policies and policing. The bill has little chance of passing the legislature, but that hasn’t stopped Sabet and SAM from spinning Booker’s narrative to fit their anti-cannabis goals.

“We want to highlight the false promise that legalization of marijuana will serve social justice,” Sabet said, citing minority youth cannabis use numbers in Colorado and car crash statistics, both of which have already been…

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