Politicians and Police Officials are Still Making Up Blatant Lies about Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana – News

America’s opioid epidemic is a national emergency. Even president Trump, who knows absolutely nothing about drug addiction, conceded earlier this month that declaring a state of emergency was a necessary tool in combating the prescription-pushed addiction crisis. But no matter how serious the opioid epidemic becomes, politicians simply can’t help themselves from making up completely unfounded lies about marijuana laced with the deadly opioid fentanyl.

After Ohio legislator Rob Portman began pushing the myth earlier this year, so-called experts around North America have hitched their star to Portman’s pony. In the month of August alone, health experts in Ontario and law enforcement officials in Massachusetts set off their brightest sirens to alert the public and media that local overdoses were due to “fentanyl-laced marijuana,” despite countless rebukes from health, addiction and other law enforcement experts and quite literally zero evidence to support any of their claims. Now, according to local WKRN News, Tennessee District Attorney Matthew Stowe is picking up where his ill-informed peers left off, spouting unrelenting falsehoods about weed dealers and the…

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