Police Officers Snitch on Themselves After Getting Too High on Edibles

As if law enforcement wasn’t already dealing with marijuana in the worst way possible, now police officers are really having trouble handling their weed. Two Toronto cops had to call their colleagues on themselves Sunday after allegedly eating some suspiciously-secured edibles.

CBC News reported that two of 13 Division’s finest are currently under investigation by the Toronto Police Professional Standards Unit for on-duty misconduct.

It’s said that most accidents and DUIs happen close to home, and in this case, that holds true.


The officers were right by 13 Division headquarters when they got too high and called the cops on themselves.

The call for backup came after the pair ate edibles they confiscated from a cannabis dispensary during a raid that weekend. While sitting in their cruiser, the officers claim they began hallucinating. They were found sitting in that very cruiser by their fellow comrades before being taken to the hospital to be “treated.”

While we should be able to expect law enforcement officers not to steal property from raids to be used for personal enjoyment while on-duty, suspending them with pay seems like a perfectly appropriate punishment. [insert rolling eyes emoji]

Community Cannabis Clinic on St. Clair Avenue was the dispensary raided by 13 Division prior to the fateful snacktime activities of Const. Vittorio Dominelli and his anonymous-for-some-reason-that-is-fishy partner. The two officers serve in the neighborhood resources officer unit, where we presume it’s frowned upon to get high on the job.

The pair isn’t facing any charges, though that could change once the investigation is complete.

In an ideal world, this incident would have no victims, but there was one potentially serious injury. A responding officer had to chase one of the “hallucinating” cops once the help arrived, and in the process, slipped on the ice and struck his head.

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