Permits for Boston Marijuana Rally Expected To Be Issued Following Lawsuit Victory – News

Although Massachusetts lawmakers just signed legislation for recreational cannabis into law (albeit a compromise), the marijuana movement has been budding in the New England region for quite some time. For nearly three decades, the marijuana “Freedom Rally” in Boston Common has been a beacon for the ever-increasing cannabis support across the state.

However, local lawmakers haven’t always seen eye to eye with local advocates, and have tried to prevent the Freedom Rally from taking place in the past. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh nearly cancelled last year’s rally by revoking an already granted permit, claiming that organizers were planning to use outside vendors that weren’t properly licensed.

This pushed the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (better known as MassCann), the pro-cannabis advocacy group responsible for the rally, to sue the local government for reneging on the issued permit over politically motivated censorship. The Superior Court judge ended up siding with the pro-pot organization, issuing an emergency order allowing the event to go on.   

This year, the planning process for the 28th annual Freedom Rally seems to be going much more…

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