Oregon Ran a Sting Operation on Dispensaries and All Shops Passed

A major hurdle to marijuana legalization nationwide has been claims that the end of prohibition would lead to an increase in use among young Americans due to greater availability. However, results from a string of undercover operations in two Oregon cities throw doubt on those claims.

“I think the concern was that by legalizing marijuana, we should certainly see an increase in adult use, and maybe that would leak into our youth,” explained Larry Wolk, chief medical officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health on a podcast in October. “[There was also a concern that] youth would somehow gain greater access, and/or feel entitled to go ahead and use in greater numbers. We just haven’t seen that pan out.”

On Dec. 19, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) conducted a sting operation, sending undercover (and underage) decoys into 20 different marijuana dispensaries to spot check the businesses on their age verification processes. The state has strict guidelines in place to ensure people under 21 may not enter the cannabis establishments, let alone buy anything inside.

All 20 dispensaries passed the surprise test.

“That our licensed retailers in…

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