North Carolina Man Handed Felony Marijuana Charges After Using Courthouse Bushes as a Stash Spot – News

A Sanford, North Carolina resident is facing felony charges for possession of marijuana with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. Instead of stemming from a stop and frisk run-in or tense roadside interaction, this particular arrest occurred after narcotics officers watched Teon Shamal La’Shane Douglas stash a bag of weed and a cell phone behind bushes at the local courthouse – an ill-advised attempt at passing his probation hearing without smelling too much like skunk.

According to the Fayetteville Observer, the cops on scene didn’t act immediately, letting Douglas sweat out his probation hearing before putting him in handcuffs and filing new charges over the poorly hidden goods.

Law enforcement officers say they recovered about 15 grams of marijuana, a phone and “other items” in the shrubbery, which, thanks to North Carolina’s still-draconian drug laws, was enough to give Douglas the felony distribution charge.

Now, no one here is saying that bringing weed anywhere near a probation hearing is a good idea, and we’re certainly not recruiting Douglas for our team hide and seek squad, but even for someone already in trouble with Johnny Law,…

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