New York lawmakers push to allow medical marijuana for pets


New York pets could soon be able to use cannabis as medicine, thanks to a state lawmaker.

Democratic Assemblywoman Amy Paulin introduced legislation on Thursday that would allow veterinarians to prescribe medical marijuana for animals, reports USA Today.

“Medical marijuana has helped countless people in the management and treatment of chronic and debilitating illnesses,” Paulin’s bill states. “Research suggests that animals can also benefit from cannabis use to similarly treat their ailments.”

Some animal experts believe that pets could receive the same benefits from using medical marijuana as humans do.

“Every animal with a spinal column also has an endocannabinoid system, so it stands to reason that cannabis can help many species,” said Liz Hughston, a 47-year-old Registered Veterinary Tech in San Jose, in an interview with GreenState.

According to the state’s Health Department, New York’s medical cannabis program has 1,500 registered practitioners and about 47,600 patients.

But while Paulin hopes to add domesticated animals to that number, the bill may face contention…

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