New Think Tank Report Details How Far Cannabis in America Has Come Over the Past Few Decades – News

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions sending threatening letters to legal weed states and continuously grouping cannabis with prescription opioids and heroin, it can be hard to remember just how far cannabis has come in the past few decades. Since California started the American medical marijuana revolution in 1996, legal weed legislation and popular opinion has snowballed, creating a rapidly paced changing of the tide.

To look at the country’s cannabis progress, self-described “centrist think tank” Third Way has compiled an incredibly detailed, well illustrated look at legalization’s roadmap to the present, charting the unprecedented growth in support from the American public and state lawmakers, and warming attitudes in Congress.

While California first legalized medical marijuana during Bill Clinton’s tenure in the White House, and a handful of states followed suit during the second Bush’s time in the Oval Office, it was under Barack Obama’s oversight that full-scale legalization began to take hold and medical regulations spread to over half of the country.

“When President Barack Obama was sworn into office, only 13 states had legalized the use…

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