New Study Refutes Legal Weed-Fueled Car Crash Claims – News

Researchers at the Highway Loss Data Institute, a leader in insurance analysis, released a study last week claiming that states with legalized recreational marijuana are seeing more car crashes than states still practicing prohibition. But while those researchers tried to ascribe their data to legalization and a possible increase in driving-while-stoned, a completely separate study in the American Journal of Public Health, also published last week, completely refutes those claims, saying that legal weed states have had no increase in car accidents or fatalities.

Analysts at the University of Texas-Austin looked at data from the US Fatality Analysis Reporting System to examine deaths by car accident in Colorado, Washington and eight control states that haven’t legalized cannabis. Additionally, the team looked at all available non-fatal crash data reported by those 10 states. In both instances, researchers found no correlation between legal cannabis and car accidents.

“We found no significant association between recreational marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado and subsequent changes in motor vehicle fatality rates in the first three years after…

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