New Report Details and Debunks the Persisting Myth That Cannabis is a “Gateway Drug” – News

For over 100 years prohibitionists have tried to curb cannabis use with fantastical lies about the effects and long term consequences of taking even one hit of the devil’s lettuce. To this day lawmakers and lobbyists have stood by their gateway theory guns, but researchers at the State University of New York New Paltz recently released a comprehensive report that will hopefully close the book on the unfounded heroin and homelessness fear-mongering.

The recently published paper, aptly titled “The Marijuana Gateway Phenomenon” details a history of weed’s outlaw past and the lengths that detractors have gone to try and push the racially motivated foundation of cannabis prohibition. Without any actual medical or social dangers, talking heads from Nancy Reagan to Chris Christie and every era in between have instead relied on fantasies of hard drug use and violence down the line to try and advance their goals.

“From the 1970s onward, national anti-drug programs and like efforts implicating marijuana proliferated, were all unsupported by research. As no seriously harmful effects could be cited to justify these efforts, it became necessary to present marijuana as a…

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